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Seasonal Programs Start in April to Help Kalamazoo Residents Clean Up After Winter
Enforcement of trash & litter ordinances will start April 4

The City of Kalamazoo’s seasonal waste programs will start in April to help Kalamazoo residents clean up after winter and maintain their properties during the summer months. Monthly curbside collection of yard waste is available from April through October, and City residents can take advantage of two free drop off days for bulk trash items in April.

Curbside collection of yard waste starts in April each year with the “Spring Clean-Up”. This collection offers residents the opportunity to clear brush, branches, and twigs from their yards, as well as get rid of any leaves that have fallen or needed to be stored over the winter. The Spring Clean-Up takes place on the same day of the month that bulk trash collection would occur (for example the first Thursday). Items placed out for Spring Clean-Up must be in biodegradable bags, bundled with twine, or in open cardboard boxes so staff can see the contents.

The monthly brush collection program starts in May and runs through October. The brush program collects branches, sticks, and twigs that are bundled, in biodegradable bags, or in open cardboard boxes. Brush collection occurs monthly from May through October on the day of the month that bulk trash would occur. Residents should note that leaves are not accepted during the brush program.

Neither program accepts loose piles of material, rocks, dirt, soil, concrete, or construction materials. Material that isn’t accepted must be removed from the curb lawn within two days or may result in corrective action. Missed collections must be reported within 48 hours by calling 311 or by clicking the report button below.

City residents can download the free Recycle Coach app for iOS and Android devices and get customized reminders of when their collection days are. 

Two free bulk trash drop off days are also available to help city residents with spring cleaning. Residents can take bulky trash items to Republic Services at 3432 Gembrit Circle for free disposal on Wednesday, April 13 from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and on Saturday, April 16 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The same materials that are accepted through the curbside program are accepted for drop off. Proof of residency will be required. Curbside bulk trash collecting is underway this month and the next collection will be in June. Click the trach button below for more information on the curbside bulk trash program.

City residents are also reminded that litter, trash, junk, and debris on their property is considered a nuisance and may result in fines if not addressed. City ordinance requires property owners to keep their properties free of trash and litter. Violations incur a $77 fine, and if the issue is not corrected within 10 days, a crew will clean up the property on the owner’s behalf and bill the property owner for the cost.

Enforcement of ordinances related to yard litter and debris will begin on Monday, April 4.

Every city resident can help keep Kalamazoo’s neighborhoods clean, safe, and inviting. By being proactive and following city ordinances, residents can help build a sense of pride in their neighborhood and avoid fines and enforcement.

Residents can report trash violations and other issues by calling 311 or clicking the report button below.

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