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Welcome To Our New President

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN, July 21, 2022 – The Milwood Neighborhood Association welcomes Gregory LJ Shelton, as their new President. Mr. Shelton, along with his wife and two small children, relocated from Grand Rapids, MI to Kalamazoo in August of 2020. After spending time as a member and volunteer with the association, Mr. Shelton was elected to serve on the Board of Directors as the former Vice President. Mr. Shelton brings with him experience in volunteer event management, business development and organizational leadership.

Mr. Shelton has proven to be a great help and need for the Milwood Neighborhood Association and has shown a desire to help his neighborhood through his community involvement and his entrepreneurial spirit in starting his own local laundry business to serve the Kalamazoo area.

Help us welcome Mr. Shelton to the Milwood Neighborhood Association of Kalamazoo Michigan Inc.

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